Product Info

General Information

1) Purchase Orders

All orders will only be processed with a proper purchase order clearly stating Order date, Date Required (Very Important: “ASAP” is not sufficient, a specific date must be provided), full item description including colour of wares, ink colours, quantity, shipping arrangements, etc. Inclusion of a dimensioned diagram is also welcomed to ensure location and accuracy. P.O. forms are available.

2) Artwork

Artwork charges will be incurred unless camera-ready artwork (i.e. sharp, well defined black and white copy) suitable for direct photographic reproduction is provided. We cannot use pre-screened, pre-printed artwork. Photocopies, faxes and business cards are inappropriate for use as artwork. We will email final artwork proof for approval, at no cost.

3) Electronic Artwork

Artwork is required in the following formats: QuarkXpress, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and CorelDraw in Mac format, acceptable on 3.5” Mac or PC diskette, and CD-ROM. Alternately for files less than 10MB, artwork can be emailed to All text must be converted to outlines or curves, otherwise save fonts into the file/disk.

4) Sampling

Samples can be produced upon request for most jobs. Samples are produced for the set up cost of the given item. Upon approval, these costs will be absorbed as the set up cost for the job. If sample is not approved, value of set up will be charged to customer. If need be, secondary samples will be charged at set up cost as with the first time.

5) Production

2-4 weeks service is the standard production time available for all screen-printed catalogue quantity orders. Production time begins upon receipt of the complete order or after proof approval. For orders above shown quantities contact factory for production time.

6) Over-/under-runs

Allow for plus/minus 5%with billing for the exact amount hipped.

7) Imprint Quality

For glassware we use a firing temperature of 1130 Fahrenheit, and for ceramic wares we use 1450 Fahrenheit. This makes the imprint extremely durable and long lasting. We recommend avoiding the use of harsh chemicals, detergents and commercial dishwashers, which may lead to premature fading of or damage to the imprint. We cannot guarantee or provide warranty on colour permanence due to dishwasher or washing conditions beyond our control.

8) Payment terms

For client with previously approved credit, net 30 days from each invoice date. Past due invoices are subject to a service charge of 2% per month and any orders in production will not be released until account is current. For new clients until credit has been approved our terms are 50% deposit with the order and balance C.O.D. Please allow two weeks for credit check of 3 trade references and your bank.

9) Shipping

F.O.B. Markham, Ontario. If shipping is required, charges will be added to the invoice. Please supply complete street address. Clearly indicate when a critical delivery date is required for each order. We cannot assume responsibility for time delays in transit or loss of goods after they have left our facility, and breakage is the responsibility of the carrier. Standard packaging for most orders is items boxed in bulk.

10) Inventory control

We endeavour to maintain adequate inventory at all times. However, circumstances beyond our control may arise causing fluctuations in our inventory levels. We cannot be held responsible for shortages, and every effort will be made to avoid substitutions. Product availability, terms and prices are subject to change without notice.

*NOTE: Imprints on all featured items are for the purpose of illustration only, and are not in any way intended to either promote or misuse the various trademarks and company names illustrated.

4 Colour Process

Make an Everlasting Impression

Rich vibrant colours make your promotion come alive. Freezer, oven, microwave and dishwasher safe, 4 Colour Process (4CP) mugs are fired at 1450 degrees (F). Maximize your impact with colour. For best results in creating vibrant colours for logos accompanying 4CP images, logos should be provided as a vector file and produced as a spot colour. PMS colour matching is not part of 4CP production. 4CP can even be combined with our unique Thermo™ disappearing inks. 4CP is not available on coloured mugs. A white laydown is required for 4CP on glass. Decal sizing and location is flexible. 4CP always requires a sample to ensure the final result is to everyone’s satisfaction. We will work with you to optimize the results for your next 4 Colour Process mug or glass promotion! 4CP pricing and set ups are shown with each item (where applicable).


Photographic images can also be had using Halftone, or DuoTone (for even better results). Any mug can be decorated by both these in-house decal processes (there is typically a 20% upcharge from the standard shown pricing). Halftoning can also be used to achieve dark and light tones of any given spot colour, with the benefit of saving the cost of printing a second colour, keeping in mind that halftoning usually has a characteristic dot-pattern. Apex will work with you to achieve the best results with either Halftone or DuoTone!

PMS colour Matching & Sampling

Apex is widely recognized as the industry leader for PMS Colour Matching, with no extra charge for this service. In most cases, we can even provide an actual fired sample using a random logo to show an actual colour match, also at no extra charge. If a specific sample is required, Apex will only charge the set up costs for the “pre-pro”. Once the order goes ahead, there are no repeat set ups for orders of 288+. Apex will ensure that any colour matches on the inner-rim comply with FDA standards. Apex is renowned for its ability to match difficult teal, purple, orange, bright green and pink tones on white, and yellow, orange and red on black.

Apex Thermo™ Inks

Create a truly memorable promotion with the magic of Apex Thermo™ Inks. Ceramic mugs feature opaque black, dark blue, dark red or dark green Hot Thermo™ ink which disappears when a hot drink is poured into the mug, exposing your message or logo. Thermo™ Inks, both hot and cold, can be applied as a full wrap at an additional charge. Glassware uses Cold Thermo™ Ink which appears frosted at room temperature, and then turns red, blue, green, yellow or black when an icy cold drink is poured, boldly highlighting your message or logo. Indeed, now everything changes!

Apex Thermo™ Inks with 4CP

Explore the possibility of combining rich vibrant 4CP colours with the dynamics of Apex Disappearing Thermo™ Ink to make your next promotion literally come alive. Certain restrictions may apply based on artwork. Thermo™ inks are a heavy organic ink and as such they are not intended for fine detailing such as halftoning. Also because of their nature, Thermo™ Inks leave a slight “ghosting” in their disappeared state when printed over top of a 4CP image or dark mug. Apex Thermo™ Inks, especially with 4CP, make a stunning presentation and conversation piece. Apex Thermo™ Inks: Winner of a 2003 Image Award for “Best Promotional Piece”.

Magical Apex Thermo Disappearing / Colour

Changing Inks on Ceramics

Hot Thermo Magic Inks are used on coffee mugs, with a disappearing effect, although depending on the mug colour and ink colours used, Thermo Magic can actually have an appearing effect. Most Thermo Magic ink jobs typically involve one or two permanent spot colour inks on one or two sides and Thermo Magic ink on one side. Ceramic inks are charged by the colour, not by the number of sides. In other words, a one colour ceramic ink imprint costs the same whether it is on one side only, two sides or full wrap.

On the other hand, Thermo inks are charged by the number sides. Because Thermo inks are expensive, there is a difference between a one side or two sides or full wrap price. One and two side pricing is listed with each item, white full wrap must be quoted, based on specific artwork and amount of ink coverage. In most cases, Thermo inks are available only on straight-sided mugs, namely the Standard, Aloha Maui, El-Grande, or Sparta. Hot Thermo inks are available in black, dark blue, green, and burgundy. The colours are opaque when mug is at room temperature, and become transparent when hot coffee is poured. The colour tones of the permanent ink that are printed underneath the Thermo must be similar and lighter to conceal what’s underneath in the “Before” state. Black Thermo Magic offers the best coverage. Note that Thermo printed on a coloured mug has a “ghosting” effect in its hot state and in not completely transparent. Depending on how the inks are used, a disappearing or appearing effect can be achieved. For example, white permanent ink printed on a black mug covered with black Thermo yields an appearing effect. In all cases of ceramic Thermo, hot liquid makes the Thermo ink transparent exposing whatever is underneath.

While Thermo inks offer an exciting, dynamic option for promotion, it is recommended to hand washing only. The Thermo Magic inks will not physically come off of the mug however the lifespan of the colour changing effect may be greatly reduced with frequent dishwasher/microwave use.

Specialty Services

Apex brings you innovation! Specializing in custom dinnerware decoration on Cameo China and Royal Doulton (see category). Call for a quote. Handle, underside, inner rim and base of stemware printing is available using decals made in-house. Cost is $0.95(g) per location for 1 colour + a $35(g) set up cost. Additional colours extra – please inquire. Apex ensures all inner rim imprints and dinnerware are always FDA approved. In-house decal printing is available for challenging pieces, such as flasks and funnel-shaped items. Extra-large decalling is available at an extra cost. Frosted/Satin Etch is available at the cost of regular ceramic inks and is dishwasher-safe. Name Personalization is available on ceramic and glass items, 72+ quantity price is $3.75(g) + a $35(g) set up cost – for lower quantities, please call for a quote. Regular 22K Gold & Platinum, as well as 22K Microwave-Safe Gold are available at an additional $0.50(a) per side, as well as 22K Gold & Platinum Banding at a cost of $0.95(a) per unit. Apex has recently introduced tone-on-tone frosted-etch on matte mugs for a unique finish. Keep in mind if you ever have a “Special Request”, Apex is up to the challenge.